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Parasene Wicks

Model Price Including UK Delivery Buy Now
1 x Parasene SuperWarm 10 Wick 12.50 incl UK p&p
Big Red Wick 16.50 After market wick incl UK p&p
Rubber Seal 6.50 incl UK p&p
5/8th inch 16.0mm Heater Wick 1 Meter 3.75 incl UK p&p
7/8th inch 21.0mm Heater Wick 1 Meter 4.50 incl UK p&p
  1 inch 26.0mm Heater Wick 1 Meter 4.75 incl UK p&p
1 1/16th inch 27.0mm Heater Wick 1 Meter 4.75 incl UK p&p
1 1/2 inch 37.0mm Heater Wick 1 Meter 5.50 incl UK p&p
3 5/8th inch 92.0mm Heater Wick 1 Meter 6.50 incl UK p&p
4 inch 101.6mm Heater Wick 1 Meter 7.00 incl UK p&p
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